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Responsive mobile design is crucial to your company’s success. With the rise of consumers using mobile phones, you could be missing out on potential leads if your website isn’t designed for mobiles. The team at Skanthas Tech are highly skilled in building affordable fully functional mobile responsive websites that convert – ‘fluid’ enough to match any screen size or device. We guarantee satisfaction to all clients with our professional cheap website development and design services.

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Friendly Mobile Design

According to global market share data, mobile browsing now surpasses desktop browsing as the major form of “being online.” In fact, when including tablets under the mobile device category, this tips the scale to about 55% mobile (versus 45% desktop) browsing for all web traffic. What does this mind-boggling statistic have to do with you? Well, if you have a website or plan to create one, you’ll need to make sure that it’s a mobile-responsive website.